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We are pleased to invite you to our website. ​

Irish Setters are a part of my life since 1976 and since then there hasn't been a day without them.

All of our dogs live happily together at home with our family and are an integral part of our family. We do not kennel or crate. All of them, from the youngest puppy to the oldest veteran, are special and loved.​

We hope you enjoy your visit.​

Robert & Diana


About us

In 1976 my parents bought our first Irish Setter, a female called Daisy. She was a very sweet girl bred from the old Dutch bloodlines. For us she was the most beautiful Irish Setter but she looked quit different from the dogs at the dogshows. We had a look at several shows and made contact with Piet Roks, owner of the Hunters Home kennel. One of his dogs sired a litter of which we could buy a puppy. This was a male called Sir Aegir v.d. Maarnse Meent. Aegir became a studdog and so we got his offspring. One bitch bred in Germany called Jennifer vom Holterwald and a bitch called Illusion of the Hunter's Home. In the mean time we also bought Emperor and Empress of the Hunter's Home to which our kennel is named. We started breeding in 1988, one or two litters a year of which we kept several puppies. At a point we had thirteen Irish Setters and lived in the middle of The Hague. We walked our dogs almost daily at the beach and took them to several dogshows to meet our friends and ofcourse try to win. In 1999 my father passed away and my mother and I were able to move to a detached house and get more space for the dogs. To get more genetic diversity we imported frozen semen from a beautiful dog from New Zealand of which we had several nice offspring. In 2014 we stopped breeding. In 2016 we were lucky to get the pick of the litter from kennel Dubliner, in Sweden, this became our topwinning bitch Dubliner Canberra. At the moment my mother has three Irish Setter bitches and the dogs live with me and my friend in Zoetermeer. When our two oldest dogs passed away we wanted another dog, so decided to have Canberra (Sophie) mated to our Magnum. From this litter we kept a dog and a bitch. In 2023 we plan a last litter by Sophie to Flash Entuziastas from Lithuania. We only plan a litter if we intend to keep a puppy ourselves. 

Growing up with dogs, so working as a vet technician turned out to be a logical step. I have been doing this work with great pleasure since 1987. In addition to my work and the care of the dogs, I’m active in various committees of the Irish Setter Club.


As breeders, our undeniable passion is to produce the most healthy puppies with a happy and stable temperament. All of our breeding stock have lovely temperaments and are fully health tested. All combinations meet the health requirements set out in the breeding conditions of the Irish Setter Club of the Netherlands. Unfortunately, there are (hereditary) disorders such as epilepsy and stomach tilt, no DNA tests are available for this, so you can never rule out whether a puppy is affected by this.

Puppies may be available to loving forever homes .

Please contact us for more information.

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