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Irish Setters


Welcome to our new website!

On our site you can find a lot of information about the Irish Setter and about our dogs in particular. We've had Irish Setters since 1976 and started breeding in 1988. All of our dogs live happily together at home with our family, we do not kennel or crate. 

We hope you enjoy your visit. 

Robert & Diana 

Irish setter - the breed

The Irish Setter is a family dog par excellence. They are very child friendly and easy going and social. He is gentle, sensitive and affectionate. He is considered the most jolly, free and cheerful of the four Setter breeds. It is a sporty dog that likes to stretch its legs regularly through a long walk. In the house they are quiet dogs that want to stay in the presence of the family. The Irish Setter can be described in a few words: half angel, half devil. With the right upbringing, it's an angel. In his Setter Book, Robert Gannon writes: Irish Setters are not just stately good humored and frisky playmates. They live a long time (12-13 years), are soft and affectionate. These few sentences say everything about the giftedness and versatility of the Irish Setter. What could be more beautiful than an Irish Setter? TWO Irish Setters!

Anker 1

As breeders, our undeniable passion is to produce the most healthy puppies with a happy and stable temperament.

All of our breeding stock have lovely temperaments and are fully health tested.
All combinations meet the health requirements set out in the breeding conditions of the Irish Setter Club of the Netherlands and the Dutch Kennel Club. Unfortunately in all breeds there are (hereditary) disorders. In Irish Setters specifically epilepsy and bloat. There are still no DNA tests available for these problems, so one can never rule out whether a puppy is affected by this. Nowadays we only breed a litter if we want to keep a puppy for ourselves. 

our dogs

Our dogs are a big part of our life. All of our dogs live happily together at home with us and are an integral part of our family. We adapt our lives, home and car to our dogs. Our dogs go on holiday with us as they love to be with us. We are therefore  always looking for a holiday destination that is dog-friendly and where we can take beautiful walks with the dogs. We take our dogs out for walks every day so they can run and play. We enjoy these walks when we see our dogs enjoying themselves. The dogs listen well and can therefore walk freely almost anywhere.


In 1976 our first Irish Setter came into the house and we were infected with the Irish Setter virus. In 1981 our second Irish joined us and, on the advice of experts, we went to the clubshow of the Irish Setter Club. Aegir got a second place in a strong junior class and then you want to try to win, so we went to more shows. Aegir scored well and so there was interest in him as a stud. From his first two litters we got nest choice bitches and that's how the foundation was laid for our kennel. In 1984 we bought Emperor and Empress of the Hunter's Home and the kennel was named after these dogs. In 1988 our first litter was born. Character and health are paramount in our breeding.

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